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This “Agreement for Limited Advice and Legal Services” (“Agreement”) is made between The Ballard Law Corporation a.k.a. Ballard Law (collectively “Ballard Law” or “We” or “Us”) and the individual(s) and/or entity(ies) to be indicated on the online order form (referred to as “Client” or “You”).

This Agreement is different than the usual attorney-client agreement, particularly because it is for a set amount of time of legal consultative advice and not a full array of legal services connected with a particular matter. Ballard Law does not engage in a litigation practice; hence, this Agreement will never apply to providing legal appearances in any court or to drafting any documents for filing in any court with Ballard Law as attorney of record for the filing.

Our agreement to advise you begins one business day after the time you accept this completed Agreement and we have received payment of your fee through our credit card system and will end after we have provided you the task or service that you have purchased. An online “click through” affirmation of these terms will be treated the same as a personal signature to formally accept the terms of this Agreement.

You are making no commitment to use our services at any time in the future. We have not agreed to provide any legal assistance other than the limited legal advice services listed on the page that describes the particular service that you are purchasing from this web-site (the “Services”). We have no further obligation to you after completing the Services you have purchased.

This means that unless Ballard Law expressly agrees to undertake services after the Services, you don’t expect us to do anything else, and we don’t expect you to pay us anything else. We have not agreed to providing any legal assistance other than the limited legal advice and legal document preparation services authorized by this form.

If we prepare a document for you, such as deed, and it requires filing procedures, you have agreed to take responsibility for having the document filed properly and in compliance with any legal procedure, according to the instructions that we provide to you. We not don’t promise or guarantee any particular outcome and are prohibited from doing so.

We have made no further investigation of the facts and we rely entirely on you, the client, to provide us with the facts of your situation.

We will not pay any filing fees or costs associated with your matter. These costs are your responsibility to pay.

By affirmatively accepting this Agreement, an attorney/client relationship is created. This means that all communications with you will remain confidential and we may decline to give you advice if we have a conflict of interest. For example, if we find that we have already advised a business partner on a matter, or for any other reason set forth in the California State Bar Rules of Professional Conduct.

If we determine that we represent another client whose interests conflict, or are likely to conflict, with Client’s interests, Ballard Law reserves the right to terminate this Agreement, while protecting the confidentiality of any privileged information that Client has provided to us.

You agree that you have read, understood, and agreed to be bound by the terms above, and you authorize Ballard Law to prepare your legal documents, or provide you with legal advice, based upon these terms and conditions

You understand that there is no obligation or fee charged for registering as a client on this web site and becoming an on-line client of Ballard Law.

You understand that once we provide services to you our fees are Non-Refundable. If you cancel an appointment of 30 minutes or less on less than 24 hours notice (as logged via receipt of email, fax or voice mail if made outside of business hours), the fee is deemed fully earned by Ballard Law having held the time available for you and is non-refundable. If you cancel an appointment of more than 30 minutes (or for 30 minutes or less on more than 24 hours notice), then half of the fee is earned for having held the time for you and the other half may be applied to legal services within 30 days of the date of the canceled appointment. If not used after 30 days, the balance becomes fully earned for having reserved availability for you and becomes fully non-refundable.

Client has carefully read this Agreement and considered the additional information and advice that Ballard Law has provided to Client, if any. Client understands the possible risks and benefits of a limited-service representation described in this Agreement. Understanding those possible risks and benefits, Client voluntarily, knowingly and intentionally enters into this Agreement with Ballard Law.

Notwithstanding any of the foregoing, if Client has previously executed a complete attorney-client agreement, then the terms of that agreement apply to the same matter, but only to the extent of the Services ordered at this time.


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